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  • Interview with CNN
    [Mayor Park Won Soon’s Hope Journal 243]

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    Last August 1, a very hot day, I had an
    outdoor interview with CNN. My English is not very good, but I did what I
    could. Both the CNN crew and Seoul Metropolitan Government officials had a hard
    time coming up with a nice shoot. I would like to say a word of thanks to them


    The interview was part of the program
    titled ‘The City.” Seoul was introduced, together with Johannesburg, Rotterdam,
    Huston, Rio de Janeiro, etc., as C40 cities regarding the issue of global
    climate change. I talked about the need for collaboration between international
    organization and cities to cope with climate change and about Seoul City’s plan
    for the utilization of new and renewable energy and environment-friendly
    transportation culture, along with the status of people’s participation in such
    programs. You can watch the program by clicking the following link:


    program “The City” is part of the interactive campaign asking people what they
    would do if they become a one-day mayor through
    #MyCityWish on


    Here’s what I said in the interview: 

    My name is Won Soon Park,
    Mayor of Seoul Republic of Korea.
    Seoul is including more than 10 million citizens.
    It was exploded since 1970s so it is still our challenge to provide many
    housing and transportations.
    Citizens can choose one day in a week as a free car day, around 36% of entire
    citizens are participating in our project.
    It means that air quality is getting better. 
    If we set one policy and practice it, it can spread out to the other cities.
    Within 2014, we are specifically targeting to reduce the 200 million tons of
    petroleum, which is compatible to capacity of one nuclear power plant.