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Mayor's Hope Journal

  • Architecture: Frozen Music
    [Mayor Park Won Soon’s Hope Journal 242]

  • Mayor's Hope Journal SMG 1226

    Johann Wolfgang von Goethe called
    architecture frozen music
    . If so, what musical notes have we drawn in Seoul? Haven’t we done
    things that will destroy the shining value of the city due to the need for
    growth and development? Haven’t we neglected the less privileged and minorities
    amid the obsession for economic efficiency?


    Today (September 9),
    we made the Seoul Building Declaration. I believe the declaration will be the
    starting point of a wonderful spatial symphony created by the orchestra called Seoul
    City. All participating building experts and local residents will play the role
    of orchestra members.


    Under the
    declaration, buildings in Seoul will be important bowels containing local
    residents’ lives. They will be assets shared by all residents in the city as
    those with values such as publicness, locality, and historicity. With such
    efforts, Seoul will be a small universe where people exchange warmhearted thoughts.
    The paradigm of buildings in Seoul will change from development to
    sustainability, from filling to emptying, and from closing to opening.


    Let’s remembe…