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Mayor's Hope Journal

  • Deposit Money for Lease of House and Monthly Rent Countermeasures
    [Mayor Park Won Soon’s Hope Journal 241]

  • Mayor's Hope Journal SMG 1288

    We at Seoul Metropolitan Government will take
    countermeasures for the stabilization of deposit money for lease of house and monthly
    rent on the occasion of fall, when many people choose to move to new houses. From
    September through year-end, we will supply a total of 10,021 public houses for
    lease and provide administrative and financial support, including the introduction
    of loans for deposit money for lease of house. 


    Our countermeasures for lease of house stabilization will
    more supply of public housing, financial support including the introduction of loans for lease of house security
    strengthening of lessees’
    right through the
    Lease of House
    Security Deposit Support Center,
    provision of housing-related financial support for low-income households
    under the Seoul-type Housing Voucher Program,