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Mayor's Hope Journal

  • Restoration of Seoul City Wall
    [Mayor Park Won Soon’s Hope Journal 238]

  • Mayor's Hope Journal SMG 1119

    Part of Seoul City
    Wall in Hoehyeon-dong, which had been demolished by Japanese colonists to build
    a Shinto shrine, is disclosing what it was like after 100 years. This is part
    of our efforts to restore the city’s history, bringing us a step closer to the
    registration of the city wall as UNESCO World Heritage.


    In June this year,
    Seoul Metropolitan Government started the excavation work for Namsan Central Plaza
    in Hoehyeon-dong as part of Phase 3 of the Seoul City Wall Restoration Work. On
    July 14, the site was unveiled to the public. 


    Traces of the section
    of the city walls were first found in places close to the water fountains, and
    they have been preserved well. Details such as the timing of the construction will
    be examined with the participation of experts. 


    We at Seoul Metropolitan
    Government expect the excavation of said section to give a clue as to the desirable
    direction of the restoration of castle walls and wield a positive impact on the
    registration of the city walls as UNESCO World Heritage. A unique-looking
    concrete structure which appears to have been part of the Shinto shrine was
    found through the excavation. If confirmed, it will serve as a historic spot
    containing a process of doing damage to cult…