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Mayor's Hope Journal

  • 68th Anniversary of the National Liberation
    [Mayor Park Won Soon’s Hope Journal 237]

  • Mayor's Hope Journal SMG 1201

    Today (August 15,
    2013) marks the 68th anniversary of the national liberation. I saw a
    documentary film concerning the process of publication of a picture book about
    the story of Ms. Sim Dal-yeon, who was forced by the Japanese military to serve
    as comfort woman during the Pacific War. The book was made as part of the Korea-China-Japan
    Book Project for Peace but has not been published in Japan due to disruptive
    lobbying by extreme right wing groups.


    In 1992, I was studying
    at a university in London. I met a Japanese lawyer named Etsuto Dokuga, who was
    studying issues involving comfort women at the same university. I felt ashamed,
    since I did not know anything about them. I started studying things about those
    pitiful women, many of whom are Korean. I continued researching on war crimes
    at Harvard University the following year. I
    expressed my view to the Japanese Bar Association through a thesis that there
    is no statute of limitation on war crimes or humanitarian crimes. I, together with
    Ms. Gang Deok-gyeong, a comfort woman, submitted a letter of charge against
    those responsible for the mobilization of comfort women to the Tokyo District


    At the International Tribunal on Crimes against Women held in Tokyo in 2000, I served as the
    head prosecutor representing the two Koreas and filed a complaint against those
    responsible for comfort women including Japanese Emperor Hirohito. Those who
    belonged to the Japanese right wing organizations staged a street
    demonstration, saying that the Japanese milit…