Long Live the Country!
[Mayor Park Won Soon’s Hope Journal 236]

“Let’s defend our country forever! Let’s work together for the prosperity of the country.”
(From the lyrics to the “Liberation Day” song)

On the occasion of Liberation Day, I intend to refresh my resolve to remember what Korean independence activists did for the country and acknowledge their sublime spirit of self-sacrifice. Currently, there are thirty-eight independence activists living in Seoul. I hope that many people will join me in refreshing their resolve to uphold their sublime sprit of self-sacrifice and do something to help them live comfortably for the rest of their lives. I shall call out their names one by one.

Independence activist

Seo Sang-gyo
Yu Heung-su
Park Geum-dong
Lee Dae-san
Min Yeong-ju
Sin Deok-yeong
Lee Yun-jang
Kim Un-gyeong
Yun Gyeong-bin
Hwang Ui-seon
Seok Geun-yeong
Lee Tae-won
Kim Yeong-gwan

Jeon Jae-deok

Lee Sin-seong
Yu Jae-chang
Jeong Gi-yeop
Lee Yun-cheol
Guk Jung-il
Kim Myeong-su
Kim Wan-yong
Choi Do-gyun
Jeon Sang-yeop
Bae Jong-guk
Lee Jong-yeol
Nam Jeong-uk
Kim Sin
Son Eung-yong
Bang Gyeong-han
Park Sang-yu
Jang Yeong-in
Yu Sun-hui
Im U-cheol
Lee Sang-mun
Seung Byeong-il
Park Gi-ha
Jo Yeong-jin
Seo Yeon-cheol