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Mayor's Hope Journal

  • Long Live the Country!
    [Mayor Park Won Soon’s Hope Journal 236]

  • Mayor's Hope Journal SMG 1691

    “Let’s defend our country forever! Let’s work together for the prosperity of the country.”
    (From the lyrics to the “Liberation Day” song)

    On the occasion of Liberation Day, I intend to refresh my resolve to remember what Korean independence activists did for the country and acknowledge their sublime spirit of self-sacrifice. Currently, there are thirty-eight independence activists living in Seoul. I hope that many people will join me in refreshing their resolve to uphold their sublime sprit of self-sacrifice and do something to help them live comfortably for the rest of their lives. I shall call out their names one by one.

    Independence activist

    Seo Sang-gyo
    Yu Heung-su
    Park Geum-dong
    Lee Dae-san
    Min Yeong-ju
    Sin Deok-yeong
    Lee Yun-jang
    Kim Un-gyeong
    Yun Gyeong-bin
    Hwang Ui-seon
    Seok Geun-yeong
    Lee Tae-won
    Kim Yeong-gwan

    Jeon Jae-deok

    Lee Sin-seong
    Yu Jae-chang
    Jeong Gi-yeop
    Lee Yun-cheol
    Guk Jung-il
    Kim Myeong-su
    Kim Wan-yong
    Choi Do-gyun
    Jeon Sang-yeop
    Bae Jong-guk
    Lee Jong-yeol
    Nam Jeong-uk
    Kim Sin
    Son Eung-yong
    Bang Gyeong-han
    Park Sang-yu
    Jang Yeong-in
    Yu Sun-hui
    Im U-cheol
    Lee Sang-mun
    Seung Byeong-il
    Park Gi-ha
    Jo Yeong-jin
    Seo Yeon-cheol