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  • Administrative Innovation
    [Mayor Park Won Soon’s Hope Journal 233]

  • Mayor's Hope Journal SMG 1261

    If by chance any obscene advertising leaflets are distributed in your neighborhood, please report the matter to Seoul Metropolitan Government at once. The phone numbers provided on them will be suspended from service immediately. I would call this a case of administrative innovation.

    In June, we at Seoul Metropolitan Government took steps to prohibit the use of phone numbers printed on obscene advertising leaflets with the help of KT. A total of twenty-two phone numbers were subjected to this novel measure. This time around, two other communications firms (SKT and LGU+) have joined the initiative by signing an agreement on August 8 in a bid to protect young people from harmful materials.

    The steps taken by us will make the distribution of such leaflets pointless. Please report any such leaflets to us by photographing them and submitting the photos to teenagers@seoul.go.kr or the Namsan Annex Bldg., Seoul City Hall 148-10 Sopa-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul.