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Mayor's Hope Journal

  • Heavy Precipitation in Seoul
    [Mayor Park Won Soon’s Hope Journal 229]

  • Mayor's Hope Journal SMG 1213

    Yeongdeungpo experienced the highest precipitation in Seoul today
    (August 6), with 66 mm of rain falling in a short time. Even now, it is
    raining heavily (40 mm per hour) throughout the city. The Disaster &
    Safety Countermeasure Headquarters at Seoul Metropolitan Government
    issued a Phase-1 emergency warning as of 1:25pm. The general public is
    also advised to take all necessary precautions.

    ○ Sections closed to traffic: Cheonggyecheon (Stream) –
    Gosanjagyo (Bridge) (from 11:00am); Roads passing over Bulwangcheon
    (Stream), under Jeungsangyo (Bridge) (from 1:30pm)

    ○ Drainage support provided: 27 places
    ※ Predicted additional precipitation today: 10~19 mm by 6:00pm