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Mayor's Hope Journal

  • Water Level in Sewage Pipes Monitored by the Minute
    [Mayor Park Won Soon’s Hope Journal 228]

  • Mayor's Hope Journal SMG 1292

    From now on, the water level in sewage pipes will be measured every
    minute in an effort to prevent flooding in chronically flood affected
    areas during the summer. The new measure will help local residents and
    public officials to cope with an emergency situation promptly.

    We at Seoul Metropolitan Government installed the new system for
    monitoring water levels in sewage pipes in forty-three locations in
    twelve autonomous districts last year. We also installed the system in a
    further forty-eight locations by the end of June this year. The system
    was installed in chronically flood affected areas, covering 10,487 km of
    sewage pipes in Seoul. The water level is measured every minute and
    transmitted to the integrated safety situation center at Seoul City Hall
    and Disaster & Safety Countermeasure Headquarters in each of the
    twenty-five autonomous district offices.

    The sophisticated system represents a great advance on the days
    when we had enormous difficulties in checking the water levels in sewage
    pipes. In August 2012, a new device installed in Gwanak-gu detected an
    extraordinarily high water level, thus enabling the work crew to remove
    the earth and sand accumulated within the sewage pipe in time to prevent

    At the same time we also established a system that informs local
    residents of a potential or imminent flood situation to help them avoid
    danger. Whenever a dangerous situation is on the cards, the disaster
    headquarters in the district office concerned sends short messages to
    local residents’ cell phones and delivers information via a public
    announcement system.

    The information on the water level in sewage pipes is provided
    in real time to the public via the Seoul Metropolitan Government home
    page (http://env.seoul.go.kr/water).

    We at Seoul Metropolitan Government will use the information
    provided by these devices to predict emergencies in flood-prone areas
    and make the necessary measures to prevent or stem flooding. We will
    always do our utmost to ensure the public’s safety. .