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Mayor's Hope Journal

  • Introduction to Good Vacation Destinations
    [Mayor Park Won Soon’s Hope Journal 227]

  • Mayor's Hope Journal SMG 1185

    Hi, there! Where are you headed for the summer vacation? Today, I’d like to introduce some great summer destinations in Korea where visitors from Seoul can take advantage of generous discounts. 

    Seoul Metropolitan Government has signed an agreement for collaboration in the tourism sector with sixteen local governments. Under the agreement, Seoul Metropolitan Government will use its diverse media to publicize tourist attractions in the provinces, while the local governments will offer discounts of 5%~50% on major tourist products to tourists from Seoul. 

    The local governments that have signed the agreement include Gangwon-do, Wonju-si, Cheorwon-gun, Taean-gun, Gimcheon-si, Uljin-gun, Daegu-si, Jeonbuk-do, Jeongeup-si, Jangsu-gun, Gimje-si, Wanju-gun, Gwangyang-si, Muan-gun, Suncheon-si, and Icheon-si. A total of 75 destinations will offer discounts (i.e. 45 rural villages offering hands-on experience programs, 21 local festivals, 2 forest resorts, and 7 lodging facilities). 

    The discounts are as follows: KRW 10,000 on river rafting during the rafting festival on the Hantangang (River) in Cheorwon (August 19 – September 22); 50% discount on admission to major tourist destinations in Wanju-gun (forest resorts, military theme park, eco adventure, the Mangyeonggang Aquatic Life Science Hall); 10-50% discounts on all hands-on experience programs offered by 22 rural villages in Gangwon-do, including Gangeondeok Village in Chuncheon, Yongsugol Village in Wonju, Yongoreum Village in Hongcheon, Taean Fall Flower Festival and Jeongeup Gujeolcho Festival. 

    For detailed information on the full range of discounts, please visit the Seoul culture/tourism/sports home page (http://sculture.seoul.go.kr/) → the “discounts on tourist destinations” menu in the top right corner of the screen.  Please note that some places ask for an ID or require advance reservation. 

    We at Seoul Metropolitan Government will continue to cooperate with other local governments to provide opportunities for Seoulites to enjoy substantial tourism benefits and help invigorate the local economy in the provinces.