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Mayor's Hope Journal2

  • Too Many Ads about Cosmetic Surgery!
    [Mayor Park Won Soon’s Hope Journal 226]

  • Mayor's Hope Journal2 SMG 1485

    A while ago, a newspaper carried an article about “Seoul buses running with cosmetic surgery beauties.” I also thought that there are too many ads about cosmetic surgery carried by buses, so I decide to do something about it.

    Between January and June this year, a total of 359 buses carried ads about cosmetic surgery paid for by fourteen clinics. I received a report that it is difficult to limit ads about cosmetic surgery unless they carry false or exaggerated claims; and all the ads are submitted for preliminary inspection to ensure that they do not upset or offend members of the public.

    I believe that the presence of so many ads about cosmetic surgery can only be offensive to the public. I will discuss the matter with ad agencies and try to limit the percentage of cosmetic surgery ads to no more than 5% of all bus ads. I will also discuss the need to reinforce the preliminary inspection of bus ads with the Korean Medical Association, in connection with the need to enhance the public bus ads. Then, I will see whether there is more I can do to improve the situation.

    A similar situation is happening in the subway, where many ads have been accepted due to the difficult financial situation of the subway companies. Some of these ads go too far. Thus, I gave the order to subject cosmetic surgery and loan ads, as well as ads with obscene content, to rigorous control. London’s Tube only accepts art-related ads. We should do likewise!