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  • New Urban Light Rail Transit System
    [Mayor Park Won Soon’s Hope Journal 224]

  • Mayor's Hope Journal SMG 1257

    My dear Facebook
    friends, how long does it take you to go to work in the morning and get back
    home in the evening? The subway in Seoul is usually punctual, but isn’t the
    station too far from your house? Today, we at Seoul Metropolitan Government
    announced an urban transit system development plan which will enable you to
    catch a train within 10 minutes wherever you are in Seoul.


    At present, the Subway
    stations in Seoul are densely located in the downtown and Gangnam areas, but
    there are many places (about 38%) in the northwest, northeast, and southwest
    sections of the city where there are no subway lines at all. That being the
    case, we have decided to build light transit systems in these areas. This
    decision is based on the 10-year urban railroad basic system finalized in 2008.
    We are obliged to conduct a feasibility review of the transit system every five
    years under the relevant law, and our decision is a result of just such a review. 


    The ten selected
    lines of the light transit system include seven subway lines (
    i.e. the Sillim Line, Northeast Line, Myeonmok Line,