Deceased Drainage Workers’ Funeral
[Mayor Park Won Soon’s Hope Journal 223]

On Sunday a funeral
ceremony was held for the victims of last week’s tragic accident at a drainage
worksite in Noryangjin. My heart was broken at the sight of the grieving
families. I remained at the funeral site until everyone had left, feeling
deeply sorry, and refreshing my resolve to do whatever we can do to prevent
such an accident from ever happening again. 


We at Seoul Metropolitan
Government will determine the cause of the accident, take punitive action
against those responsible, and help the bereaved families to find jobs. We will
also ensure that the rescue workers who rushed to the scene of the accident receive
specialist treatment for the mental trauma caused by the tragedy. 


I read a newspaper
article about the daughter of the late Mr. Kim Cheol-deok that made my heart
ache. She had sent a short message to her already deceased father over her cell
phone, asking whether he was alright in the rainy weather. I offered my consolations
to her at the funeral ceremony. I will invite her to my office some time later
and see what we can do for her.