Dishonest Practices Concerning Apartment Management
[Mayor Park Won Soon’s Hope Journal 218]

The results of our
recent investigation into dishonest acts perpetrated by persons in charge of
apartment management were announced the other day. In March, Seoul Metropolitan
Government came up with a number of ways of improving apartment management. In
May, we announced a plan to take measures to ensure that apartments are run in
a more transparent way. I announced the results of the month-long investigation.
Many people, including district officials, policy, legal and accounting
experts, and engineers, provided us with invaluable assistance during the


At present, 59% of Seoul’s
inhabitants live in apartments, which is why innovation in the field of apartment
management is very important. No unreasonable financial burden should be
imposed on households. The administrative expenses paid by households should be
spent on restoring the local community and on other projects that are beneficial
to the community. The innovation of apartment management is also associated
with the thing most urgently required by our society, namely, mutual


The problems relating
to apartments that have been most commonly pointed out and confirmed by our own
investigation include the lack of a clear distinction between administrative
expenditure and long-term repair allowances, the reckless drawing up of private
contracts, the use of unqualified people to conduct repair work, and collusion in
the overestimation of construction expenses. Failure to apply standardized
items in accounting and the carrying out of meetings of representatives in an
arbitrary way were also singled out as causes of such problems.