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Mayor's Hope Journal

  • The Role of the Public Medical Service
    [Mayor Park Won Soon’s Hope Journal 216]

  • Mayor's Hope Journal SMG 1269

    understand there are many different opinions about the desired role and
    directions of the
    public medical service. We at Seoul Metropolitan Government have fixed
    our position regarding the thirteen municipal hospitals operated by Seoul Metropolitan
    Government, i.e. our vision about the public medical service
    , as


    First, we
    will provide everyone in Seoul with a standard medical treatment service.
    Second, we will do our best to prevent diseases and promote people’s health, in
    addition to providing treatment. Third, we will volunteer to provide the specific
    medical services that private hospitals are reluctant to take on but which many
    people want our public institutions to provide. Fourth, we will encourage the
    public to take part in the management of municipal hospitals and guarantee
    patients’ rights.


    On July
    11, we at Seoul Metropolitan Government announced a plan for strengthening the public
    medical service based on this resolve. This step will be taken in furtherance
    of Healthy Seoul 36.5, a plan we announced one year ago concerning the need to
    provide good-quality public medical services. 


    this plan, the thirteen Seoul-operated m
    unicipal hospitals will become
    people-friendly facilities. If their profit structure is improved through good
    management, the profits will be returned to the people