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Mayor's Hope Journal2

  • The News Just in!
    [Mayor Park Won Soon’s Hope Journal 215]

  • Mayor's Hope Journal2 SMG 1590

    This is the news that’s just come in. A group of storm clouds was
    moving southward and we were concerned about the possibility of heavy rain in
    Gangnam. Fortunately, the clouds moved eastward and it is raining only lightly
    in Seoul. However, heavy rain has hit the upper reaches of the Hangang (River),
    and it is expected that the water discharge from Paldang Dam will increase from
    4,800 tons/sec to 10,000 tons/sec from around 11:30 PM. The staffs at Hangang
    Nadeulmok and the Hangang parks were instructed to be ready to close the places
    to traffic.

    At present, the water level at Jamsugyo (Bridge) stands at 5.9 m.
    Pedestrian traffic over the bridge was stopped at 10:50 PM. The water level at
    Jungnangcheon (Stream) is rising. The level at Wolgyegyo 1 (Bridge) stands at
    16.88 m. At 11: 05 PM, the following sections of the Dongbu Expressway for
    Euijeongbu were closed to traffic: Wollenggyo (Bridge) – Wolgyo 1 (Bridge) and
    Gunjagyo (Bridge) – Wolgyegyo 1 (Bridge).