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Mayor's Hope Journal

  • Seoul Subway Stations in a State of Emergency Due to Floods
    [Mayor Park Won Soon’s Hope Journal 213]

  • SMG 1054

    Many employees at subway stations remained
    in their stations without leaving for the day.<br />

    1) Emergency status: Starting 1: 20 AM
    (July 13)<br />
    2) Number of flood-stricken subway stations: Nil<br />
    3) Number of employees remaining in their stations: 2,551 in all (17 in the situation
    room; 762 at stations; 688 on trains; 981 for technological support; 103 in the
    control room)<br />
    4) 1,076 employees waiting for emergency in stations in low-lying areas (53
    stations at Seoul Metro; 21 stations at KORAIL; 16 stations at Line 9)<br />
    5) Highest accumulated precipitation: 166 mm at Seong-dong (37.5 mm per hour as
    the highest) <br />
    6) Rain forecast: 5~9mm per hour on July 13; 10~39mm per hour on July 14<br />