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Mayor's Hope Journal

  • Providing Support for Child Care
    [Mayor Park Won Soon’s Hope Journal 208]

  • Mayor's Hope Journal SMG 1104

    Nothing is more important and difficult than taking care of young babies. If someone with lots of experience and expertise is ready to help you, you will feel much relieved. We at Seoul Metropolitan Government decided to operate a home visiting program for child care for households with expecting mothers and infants less than 24 months old. It will be the first service of such kind provided by a local government in the country.

    The Maternal Early Childhood Sustained Home-Visiting (MECSH) program is operated in 6 areas in the United Kingdom and 11 areas in Australia. Seoul has become the first city in Asia to sign the MECSH program license contract.

    An infant-care nurse visits a household with a baby less than 4 weeks old and gives advice on baby feeding and information on things such as sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). She will also carry out post-childbirth hypochondria assessment.

    An expectant mother falling under one or more of the following categories will be classified as one requiring continued care under the MECSH program: ▲ less than 23 years of age; ▲ one who commenced pre-childbirth care after the 20th week of pregnancy; ▲ one belonging to a needy household/one from a single-parent family or a multicultural family; ▲ one who experienced depression or despair often over the past month; ▲ drinking during pregnancy (twice or more per week on the average); ▲ a smoker.

    For those requiring continued care under the MECSH program, a nurse will visit as follows to check the health status of the mother and child between the 20th week of pregnancy and the child’s age of 24 months old: ▲ 20th~40th week of pregnancy (3 times a month); ▲ baby’s age: 0~6 weeks old (5 times a week); ▲ baby’s age: 7~12 weeks old (3 times in 2 weeks); ▲ baby’s age: 13~26 weeks old (4 times in 3 weeks); ▲ baby’s age: 27~52 weeks old (4 times in 6 weeks); ▲ baby’s age: 53~104 weeks old (6 times in 2 months).

    For those requiring intensive care, they will be referred to doctors.

    The nurse’s home visiting for child care will start in the second week of July in Gangbuk-gu (Mia-dong, etc.), Dongjak-gu (Sadang-dong, Sadang 1-dong and Sangdo 3-dong), and Gangdong-gu (Gangil-dong). The taxes you paid are being used this way.