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Mayor's Hope Journal

  • Opening of the Mind and Body Healing Center
    [Mayor Park Won Soon’s Hope Journal 203]

  • Mayor's Hope Journal SMG 1342

    On June 24, a very pleasant event was held at the newly opened Mind and Body Healing Center of Seoul City Hall: it was a counseling session for Seoul Metropolitan Government officials suffering from mental stress associated with official duties and individual and family problems, with focus on prevention and management.

    When I paid a visit there to see how things were going, I could sense the soft, gentle flow of aromatherapy. The wall of the place was colored pale yellow, perhaps intended to give people peace of mind and body. Sofas and chairs were placed in a neat and strategic way to help people spend time on meditation. Four experts were assigned to give people counseling.

    The dental and general disease clinics were expanded, too. A traditional Korean clinic was newly opened for treatment using acupuncture and moxibustion.

    They told me that their list was overflowing with appointments. Seoul Metropolitan Government officials must have looked forward to such opportunity for rest and healing.

    I have always thought that Seoul Metropolitan Government officials should feel happy if local residents are to be happy. I heard that the officials’ workload has increased a lot since my inauguration as Mayor, apparently because I check everything meticulously.

    I set up a team that will deal with research on optimal work conditions to help Seoul Metropolitan Government officials work in good conditions and environment. The newly opened Mind and Body Healing Center is a result of such effort.

    My duty is to provide the best possible work conditions to Seoul Metropolitan Government officials; their duty is to provide the best possible service to Seoulites.