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Mayor's Hope Journal

  • Seoul Aims to be a City of Rainwater Circulation.
    [Mayor Park Won Soon’s Hope Journal 202]

  • Mayor's Hope Journal SMG 1182

    A city of rainwater circulation is what Seoul Metropolitan Government aims to be. It is very important to take full advantage of rainwater, since it will bring great economic gain to us. For Seoul to be a sustainable city, everyone’s concerted efforts are required. A while ago, we at Seoul Metropolitan Government announced a plan to lower rainwater impermeability as much as possible to be a city of rainwater circulation. Our grandparents used to store uncontaminated rainwater for future use. They knew how to live frugally and conserve nature. In remote islands, people still use every single drop of stored rainwater carefully.

    This requires people’s concerted efforts. This time, we formed a group of advisers on rainwater use. The group is headed by Professor Han Mu Yeong at Seoul National University.

    For questions on how to store and use rainwater, please call the Water Quality Management Division (T: +82-2-2133-3762) of Seoul City. The experts there will answer your questions.

    The Japanese lead others in this kind of thing. They make it a point to make full use of stored rainwater. What the residents were doing in Fukasawa Symbiotic Housing Complex, Setagaya, Tokyo deeply impressed me. Each house has a 100-liter rainwater storage tank. The permeable pavement enables rainwater to be collected in the village well for future use. The storage tank kept at each house goes a long way in preventing flood. Don’t you think we should do something like this?

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