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Mayor's Hope Journal

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    [Mayor Park Won Soon’s Hope Journal 200]

  • Mayor's Hope Journal SMG 1331

    Many people have sent good ideas and complaints concerning matters where improvements are required to the Seoul Metropolitan Government homepage and its proposal system. We at Seoul Metropolitan Government are doing our best to heed all of them, but there are many obstacles.

    Regarding the childbirth subsidy, for example, it is paid by the relevant local administrative unit under the municipal ordinance. Thus, the amount paid differs from district to district. Reports concerning childbirth, death, or a change of address are submitted to the dong community center, whereas reports on marriage should be submitted to the district office.

    We at Seoul Metropolitan Government have published a booklet entitled Bakkueoyo Huimangeuro (Let’s Improve the System with Hope). It contains our proposals for improving those laws and systems whose amendment requires the observance of a certain procedure.

    This booklet uses illustrations, speech balloons, and infographics to clarify terms that ordinary lay readers might otherwise find difficult to understand. It is not easy to change existing laws and systems within a short period of time, but we will continue to make recommendations to the National Assembly and the central government in the hope of seeing improvement of the relevant matters.

    You can access the booklet at our homepage (http://gov20.seoul.go.kr/) or buy a copy at the Seoul Metropolitan Library, Citizens’ Hall, the government publications center or a large bookstore.

    We will continue listening to our citizens’ opinions and striving to transform them into effective policies.