When I Have Met So Many People
[Mayor Park Won Soon’s Hope Journal 195]


There is one I desire to see on the night
When I have met so many people.

There is one I desire to see
Only when I am pushed away to the edge of time
Embracing loneliness which shreds my heart
Between countless shoulders
And flashes in the eyes.

You I am destined to see and love
After I passed by all those countless people
And loved them dearly.
What is this long waiting?

You I am destined to love
After I parted from all I loved
After all the loves have ended
Holding thirst like wind blowing.
What can I do with the longing aching my heart?

The poem above, “Lake,” was written by Poet Mun Byeong-ran, who now lives in Gwangju. Today, I received a letter from him. The letter said, “I know you are very busy as Mayor of Seoul. A good poem will give you courage and consolation when you have difficulty. It is said to contain suggestive expressions subject to readers’ interpretation. May you serve as a beacon of hope and love for many people.” I met Mr. Mun while I was serving as prosecutor in Daegu in 1982. I love his poetry and literature. It feels very good to hear news from one whom I am very fond of. I will strive to play the role he described in his letter.