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  • Seoul Metropolitan Government-run Institutions to Use New Resume Form
    [Mayor Park Won Soon’s Hope Journal 187]

  • Mayor's Hope Journal SMG 1602

    It has been arranged that, from now on, the 17 Seoul Metropolitan Government-invested institutions such as Seoul Metro and Seoul Metropolitan Facilities Management Corporation will not consider academic background or kinship as a factor in the recruitment of new employees. These institutions will use a new resume form with the foregoing taken into account. They will also pay the cost of physical checkup of job applicants to ease the burden of young job seekers.

    The two factors stated above are part of efforts to get rid of unnecessary prejudices and discriminations concerning job seekers and to share the financial burden of households.

    According to a material released in November 2011 by the National Human Rights Commission of Korea (NHRC), about 70% of job seekers said they experienced discrimination due to age, academic background, and physical conditions. According to NHRC’s research report released in May 2012, the following people experienced age discrimination in their efforts to get jobs: women (66.7%), people in their 50s (85.7%), and those with high school diploma or lower (73.6%).

    The resume form newly adopted by the Seoul Metropolitan Government deleted columns stating physical conditions and kinship and photo space to avoid discriminative factors and expanded columns stating specializations and job experience. To avoid gender-based discrimination, applicants will be asked not to write down the first digit of their resident registration number. In the past, the school, grade, and foreign language proficiency test score used to be decisive factors in the screening of successful applicants; note, however, that the new resume form deleted them all. These things will be handled flexibly. Those applying in an area where foreign language proficiency is required should state their test score. Those applying in an area where a certain level of physical conditions is required should provide such information.

    As for paying the cost of physical checkup, six of Seoul Metropolitan Government-invested institutions are already carrying out the practice. Other institutions will follow suit, starting June.

    The new resume form adopted by Seoul Metropolitan Government for its affiliated institutions is part of efforts to provide a fair opportunity to job seekers and help ease households’ burden in an era of difficulty. It also seeks to help get rid of unnecessary prejudices and discriminations.

    A job interviewer should focus on the selection of young people who can carry out assignments capably. A crash second language proficiency and acculturation course is not a must among job seekers, contrary to what today’s young people may think. May an atmosphere wherein capability, experience, and aptitude are given more weight than things such as crash course for language proficiency be fostered.