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  • Seoul Metropolitan Government’s Water Quality Control
    [Mayor Park Won Soon’s Hope Journal 184]

  • Mayor's Hope Journal SMG 1429

    Hello, Seoulites, are you spending a nice weekend? It’s hot today. The weather forecast says it will go up to 28˚C today. This year, it will be hotter than usual, according to the long-term weather forecast. With the advent of dog days, there are many things we pay attention to, such as flood and green tide.

    On May 29, Seoul Metropolitan Government announced a plan for controlling green tide in Hangang (River) for 2013. The main idea is to prevent damage by strengthening existing measures. First of all, a stench warning system was newly adopted. If the geosmin level rises, we will take steps by stage starting with a preliminary warning. Upon the occurrence of green tide, screens will be installed, and water-purifying chemicals including powdered activated carbon will be installed. We have secured chemicals worth 20 days. The most important thing is to monitor the occurrence of green tide in the upper reaches of the river so that we can cope with it earlier.

    We will take utmost care not to cause a problem in tap water. Speaking of tap water, let me brag about one thing Seoul Metropolitan Government won the top prize in the Tap Water Operation and Management Assessment among all municipalities across the country. Seoul received particularly high marks in water quality, revenue water rate, and operation of real-time water quality disclosure system, etc. Nothing is more important than good-quality tap water, right?

    Rest assured that we at Seoul Metropolitan Government will always do what we can for the supply of good-quality, mineral-rich tap water.