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  • Apartments in Seoul
    [Mayor Park Won Soon’s Hope Journal 179]

  • Mayor's Hope Journal SMG 1338


    There are many apartments in Seoul, and about 58% of households live in apartments. Thus, matters concerning apartments affect majority of the residents in Seoul. Recently, suspicions have been raised about the way the administrative budget is spent at individual apartments. Seoul Metropolitan Government launched the Clean Apartment Administration Bureau to help those in charge of administrative affairs of individual apartments manage administrative expenses.

    Vice-Mayor Ⅱ for Administrative Affairs, said bureau consists of 15 experts specializing in legal, accounting, and technological matters and 100-plus people from civic organizations. It will check the status of running apartment complexes, concentrating on the way the administrative budget and allowance for long-term repair are spent along with matters concerning contractual works and services as well as whether administrative personnel are qualified ones.

    Said bureau will consist of the following six teams: those in charge of general affairs, investigative support, planning and coordination, administrative support, PR, and community formation. Its activities will focus on the investigation on apartment management, promotion of improvement in the relevant regulations, and campaign for the recovery of community.

    First, a joint team for the investigation will select apartment complexes to be checked in June. The apartment complexes to be targeted are those involved in a dispute or a lawsuit concerning a suspicion and those picked out by district offices. The investigation team will consist of five officials in charge of housing and auditing and five experts specializing in legal, accounting, and technological matters. A total of five teams will be operated.

    The investigation team will review materials submitted to date and check whether there is suspicion of illegality to begin with; they will then check accounting books and relevant documents at the site. The investigation will focus on four factors: accounting and budget, i.e., matters related to administrative expense, fees paid, miscellaneous revenues earned, long-term repair plan, allowance for long-term repair; contractual/service works, i.e., observance of housing-related laws and guidelines set by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transportation and apartment management rules; information disclosure related to details of administrative expenses incurred and meeting minutes, and; overall housing management.

    Seoul Metropolitan Government will operate a temporary onsite center for reporting wrongdoings during the period of investigation. Those suspected will be subjected to administrative disposition by the relevant district office or reported to the police or the prosecution for investigation. A task force team in charge of system improvement will be in operation to block apartment-related wrongdoings. Information on exemplary cases of apartment management will be disseminated for others to follow.

    Meanwhile, Seoul Metropolitan Government launched the Center for Reporting Apartment-related Wrongdoings (02-2133-1218) on 15th. We will handle each case reported properly through onsite investigations, depending on the seriousness of the case. We will also launch an apartment management support center that will handle disputes concerning noises made by neighbors in apartments.

    The activities of said corps will focus on the recovery of a sense of community among apartment dwellers rather than on the punishment of wrongdoings. Seoul Metropolitan Government will continue to improve the relevant system to settle problems related to apartments.