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Mayor's Hope Journal

  • Message of Hope
    [Mayor Park Won Soon’s Hope Journal 170]

  • Mayor's Hope Journal SMG 1580


    Each one of us has a message of hope that he/she keeps for himself/herself and which he/she turns to in times of difficulty. We at Seoul Metropolitan Government now suggest that you share such message with others.

    Please submit messages that will give others hope, sense of love, or courage. The messages we will select will be hung on the outer walls of public buildings, including Seoul Metropolitan Library, in the form of placards.

    The subject of the messages submitted should be abridged to seven Korean characters or less. The contents of the message should be expressed in not more than 30 Korean characters. They may be created or excerpted from existing literary works. The contents should give a sense of love or warm-heartedness to people or deal with the identity or locality of Seoul or seasons of the city.

    The submittals will be received until May 19 either via Wow Seoul in our homepage (wow.seoul.go.kr) or postal mail. Anyone can apply.

    One subject and six contents will be selected by the Civic Operations Committee. The top prize winners will receive 300,000 won (for subject) and 500,000 won (for contents). The five second prize winners for contents will receive 100,000 won each. The list of prize winners will be announced by the end of May via our homepage. Each prize winner will receive a notice from us.

    We will hang a placard containing the prize-winning contents beginning June.

    We hope that such effort made by us will go a long way in giving hope and sense of stability to all local residents in Seoul.