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Mayor's Hope Journal2

  • [Mayor Park Won Soon’s Hope Journal 169] Improvements Made on Roads

  • Mayor's Hope Journal2 SMG 1852


    I bet many of you have thought a connection ramp should have been installed in sections of highways in Seoul.

    To meet such need, we at Seoul Metropolitan Government have decided to add connection ramps to the following places: Jeongneung-gil, Naebu Ringway; Hwarang-ro, Bukbu Expressway; northern interchange of Hannamdaegyo (Bridge) and Seongsudaegyo (Bridge), Gangbyeon Expressway; southern interchange of Donghodaegyo (Bridge), Olympic-daero, and; southern interchange, Olympicdaegyo (Bridge).

    Exit/Entry ramps installed at Jeongneung-gil will help vehicles bound for Seongsu proceed more smoothly. Exit/Entry ramps installed at the Hwarangdae Junction will ease chronic traffic congestion in the area. They will also meet the expected increase in traffic volume of the Bukbu Expressway due to the development of large housing complexes in the northeast section, including Toegyewon of Gyeonggi-do. The work will be completed by 2016.

    Contrary to what some people have pointed out, Seoul Metropolitan Government has not neglected the need for the construction of urban infrastructure since my inauguration as Seoul Mayor. The budget allocated by the city for urban infrastructure increased by 500 billion won in 2012 and by 100 billion won this year. We are focusing on the improvement of places that cause inconvenience to people, including the construction of underground sections of the Seobu Expressway and Jemulpo Tunnel, along with the formation of a park on the ground level. We prioritize investment in the work related to people’s safety, e.g., work designed to prevent landslide or flood.