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Mayor's Hope Journal2

  • [Mayor Park Won Soon’s Hope Journal 167] A Corps of Monitors Watching Cases of Harassment in Everyday Lives

  • Mayor's Hope Journal2 SMG 1389


    We at Seoul Metropolitan Government launched the second round of corps of monitors watching cases of harassment in everyday lives. This year, the corps consists of 80 members (20 related to private loans, 20, to pyramid sales, 10, to delayed wage payment, 10, to employment fraud, 10, to real estate transactions, and 10, to mutual aid fraud). The sector related to the franchise business will be added some time later.

    The members designated thus are those with relevant certifications or experts who have accumulated experience in the relevant consumer organization or association or ex-firefighters/police officers.

    Mr. Hwang Gyu-hong (73), the eldest of the members, said he has engaged in social contribution activities in one way or another. This time, he has been designated as a member related to mutual aid fraud. He expressed his wish to contribute to the establishment of social order. Mr. Kim Su-cheol, a member related to pyramid sale fraud, said his son lost 10 million won in a pyramid sale fraud while serving in the Army and vowed to do what he could to prevent similar cases.

    This year, we added mutual aid fraud in the activity sector, with a survey of opinions among the general public and experts and press reports taken into account. The ten members will engage in Internet-based or onsite monitoring.

    In 2012, said corps carried out a total of 42,450 cases of monitoring. They collected 50,456 sheets of advertising leaflets aimed at innocent victims.

    When a monitored case is judged to involve illegality or fraud, we take administrative punitive measures or provide the information to the police for investigation. We also strive to prevent victims in cooperation with the police and the Ministry of Labor while reflecting the results of the monitoring on the city’s administrative services.

    We will make efforts to enhance the efficacy of the monitoring by focusing on those suspected of wrongdoing.

    Our efforts include the prevention of fraud perpetrated against senior citizens in private loans or pyramid sales. We also provide counseling for senior citizen victims.

    We keep in mind that the monitoring activities should focus on the prevention of wrongdoings. We will provide positive support for the monitors’ activities and improve the relevant matters based on the results of their monitoring. We at Seoul Metropolitan Government always strive to protect people in their daily lives.