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  • Creative Industry is a Buzzword Nowadays.
    [Mayor Park Won Soon’s Hope Journal 164]

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    Creative industry is a buzzword nowadays. I think there is some confusion as to what it refers to among people. As far as I am concerned, the term pertains to advanced knowledge-based industry based on the upgrade of existing goods and services through innovation, creation of new sectors of industry through convergence, and art and culture.

    We at Seoul Metropolitan Government are formulating diverse policies, having designated the creative industry as a new source of the city’s economic growth. As part of such effort, Seoul Business Agency (SBA), a Seoul City-run agency operating the business of supporting SMEs, is receiving applications for the program for the convergence of SME-made goods and services for the year by May 13. Starting this year, the program includes the effort to find solutions to social issues such as the provision of information on approaching buses for those at bus stops.

    We will provide 100 million won for each selected entity composed of a leading body and several collaborating bodies. As for eligibility, businesses at least a year old and body of collaboration between a university and a business and a research institution, which are all in Seoul, are welcome to apply.

    Said program intends to help businesses that have reached their limit in the production of existing goods. Under the program, they are encouraged to create new creative business through the convergence of service, such as lease, education, or solutions. That way, we expect to invigorate the local economy through the creation of high added value based on new markets, sales, and employment. More advanced countries started establishing methods of supporting service R&D in the 1990s. Examples of such are the success stories of Apple, which combined the MP3 device with music download service (turning goods into service), and Google, which introduced the Android Phone linked with retrieval service (turning service into goods).

    Launched by Seoul Metropolitan Government last year, the program of convergence between goods and service is acclaimed by businesses and universities. It is carried out based on the analysis of success or failure stories, consulting from experts, and opinion survey among SMEs in Seoul. In 2012, the applicants competed for support at a ratio of 18:1. A total of five applications were selected. Seoul-based SMEs, universities, and research institutes that are interested in the program which is intended to help businesses overcome their limitation in production with service, turn their innovative service into goods, and revolutionize their production and sales paradigm are asked to submit their applications by May 13 by referring to the information section on the SBA Homepage.