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Mayor's Hope Journal2

  • [Mayor Park Won Soon’s Hope Journal 160] “U-mun-hyeon-dap”

  • Mayor's Hope Journal2 SMG 1531

    You know what the phrase U-mun-hyeon-dap means, don’t you? (Literally, it means a wise answer to a silly question.) We at Seoul Metropolitan Government reinterpreted said phrase to mean “The answers to our problems can be found where the action is.” That is why I have operated the Onsite Mayor’s Office.

    In November 2012, I operated the Onsite Mayor’s Office in Eunpyeong-gu. At that time, I focused on finding a solution to apartments that remained unsold in Eunpyeong New Town. As a result, 615 apartments that remained unsold for a few years were sold out in just 2 months. During the operation of the Onsite Mayor’s Office in Gangseo-gu and Yangcheon-gu last March, I presented a plan for the Magok Industrial Complex, a highly controversial case for residents in the southwestern part of Seoul, and for the construction of a vehicle underpass in Gukhoe-daero. This week, I am staying at the Onsite Mayor’s Office in Geumcheon-gu and Guro-gu for 5 days to check the problems experienced by the local residents.

    In a meeting held yesterday, locals asked for the following: constructing an alien support center considering the fact that Geumcheon-gu has the second largest number of migrant workers in Seoul; putting their section of the Seoul-Busan Railroad and the Seobu Trunk Road underground, and; compensating for the loss they incurred due to the construction of the Gangnam Ring Road. Locals strongly complained about the stench and noise caused by the Resource Recycling Center within the Doksan Flood Pumping Station. We will soon find solutions to the problems raised by the locals with the help of experts.

    Today, the locals and I discussed a way to develop the Seoul Digital Industrial Complex (G Valley) as the engine of growth of the southwestern section of Seoul. We at Seoul Metropolitan Government will push through with the G Valley Jump Forward Project consisting of 20 programs in 4 sectors with a view to developing the area as a Mecca of the digital industry and a city with creativity. The project includes the improvement of industrial infrastructure and support facilities designed to make the area a fashion and information technology cluster, development of SMEs, provision of support for the exploration of their markets, and creation of about 10,000 jobs.

    We plan to open the G Valley Salon in August as a venue for coming up with good ideas through discussion with local business people in connection with the plan for the improvement of industrial infrastructure and support facilities. The work will be commenced toward year-end to improve the traffic conditions in the entrance to the Seobu Expressway as the only road linking Complex 3 and Complex 2 of G Valley. The vehicle underpass linking Digital Complex 3 with Dusan-gil will be opened to traffic by 2016. The site for a previous water purification facility for the Guro Industrial Complex will be redeveloped to build a culture/welfare facility for workers. We will also discuss a plan to build a welfare center for workers and young people, using the site that used to house the Gasan Culture Center and a police box. Other plans to be promoted include G Valley Job 10000 Project (encouraging each business in G Valley to hire one more employee) and development of the site for Guro Industrial Complex designed to enhance the brand value of G Valley.

    We at Seoul Metropolitan Government will continue to strive to find solutions to problems by visiting sites and discussing them with the locals, since we believe the locals are the ones who know best what the heart of the problems is.