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  • Angels in White
    [Mayor Park Won Soon’s Hope Journal 157]

  • Mayor's Hope Journal SMG 1371


    Seoul Metropolitan Government operates a team of 422 house-calling nurses. They really look like white-clothed angels. In 2012, they handled a total of 165,323 cases of health care for dwellers in less privileged neighborhoods, multicultural households, and defectors from North Korea. They record the status of health check of the individual in an electronic chart.

    These nurses work in cooperation with physical therapists, sports therapists, nutritionists, dental hygienists, and social welfare workers. They help people receive the necessary operation for free and see specialist doctors. People suffering from diabetes, arthritis, or back pain can get treatment at public health centers with the help of these nurses.

    Seoul Metropolitan Government started this service cognizant of the fact that the lack of pre-health check is likely to lead to a serious case of illness, which may mean a domestic crisis. Such is part of preventive administrative services.