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  • [Mayor Park Won Soon’s Hope Journal 155] Ultra-modern Bus Stops

  • Mayor's Hope Journal2 SMG 2259


    In places with no bus stop shelters, people wait for their bus while exposed to rain or snow. The new ultra-modern bus stop shelters to be installed in Seoul by March 2014 will make such an experience a thing of the past. The new bus stops will be upgraded to the level of those currently installed at the bus-only lane in the middle of the road.

    They will be equipped with roof, seats, bus information terminal (BIT), bus information system for the blind, luminous bus route map, and bus-stop Wi-Fi zone. The renovation work will start in May for 5,712 bus stops installed along thoroughfares.

    Remedial steps will also be taken for issues such as arbitrary selection of the location of bus stops focusing on the commercial profit of private businesses and recklessly attached advertisements.

    This way, we are taking one step at a time to make Seoul a place where people can live comfortably and pleasantly instead of concentrating on its outward appearance.