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  • Activities in Beijing
    [Mayor Park Won Soon’s Hope Journal 152]

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    Allow me to quote the following article written by Reporter An Chang-hyeon of The Hankyoreh as my brief report on my activities during the visit to Beijing:

    – Quote-
    The green light is on for Seoul Metropolitan Government’s plan for export of its experience in the operation of a metropolis. On April 22, Mayor of Seoul, Mayor Park Won Soon paid a visit to Party Secretary of Beijing Guo Jinlong at the reception room of the Beijing Party Committee. “The population of Seoul increased to 10 million, with people in rural areas rushing to it amid the country’s economic growth. We have gone through many trials and errors concerning transportation or quality of people’s lives, and it has become the basis for the operation of a world-class city. It will be a good idea for both Seoul Metropolitan Government and Beijing to learn from each other’s experience,” Mr. Park Won Soon said during the visit.

    In response, Mr. Guo Jinlong expressed his happiness with the fact that the two cities have come to exchange with each other and cooperate in areas such as urban construction and management. “I think Beijing has a lot to learn from Seoul Metropolitan Government.” he noted. Mr. Guo Jinlong is an influential figure who served as Beijing Mayor and Executive President of the 2008 Beijing Olympics Organizing Committee.

    Later, Seoul Mayor Park Won Soon said to reporters that Seoul Metropolitan Government has accumulated world-class knowhow on the operation of a metropolis, including transportation, water supply, and subway. “I hope we can start exporting such experience to other cities,” he said.

    Beijing, a city with population of 22 million, is plagued with problems such as air pollution and trash.

    Earlier, on April 21, Mr. Park Won Soon signed an MOU for bolstering friendly exchanges between Seoul and Beijing with Beijing Mayor Wang Anshun. The MOU requires that the two cities launch an integrated committee for discussion on finding a solution to problems, such as air pollution and trash, through an organizational framework. The Seoul Mayor is visiting Beijing on a two-night-three-day itinerary on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the establishment of sisterhood relations between the two cities.