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  • A Visit to South Africa about 10 Years Ago
    [Mayor Park Won Soon’s Hope Journal 146]

  • Mayor's Hope Journal SMG 1239


    About ten years ago, I attended a meeting held in South Africa. Before returning to Korea, however, I had to spend a night at a hotel in Johannesburg due to a problem in the airplane. I met five or six other Koreans there. One of them, who was in her early 30s, said that she was exporting a million dollars’ worth of fabrics a year to South Africa. I was amazed. The country was known for relatively loose security at that time, and a young woman was doing so big a business with such a country that was so far away from home. I realized that such people were behind South Korea’s rapid economic development, although large-sized businesses got most of the spotlight.

    Foreign trade has been a great way of earning money. It has helped the country achieve rapid economic growth. General trading companies once played a pivotal role. Even today, foreign trade still serves as a growth engine for the country’s economy. In this regard, we at Seoul Metropolitan Government intend to help young people engage in foreign trade.

    As a public organization providing support for SMEs, the Seoul Business Agency (SBA) is running a 12-week course named Seoul Trade School beginning April 29 for people interested in starting a foreign trade business or working for such business. Those who finish the course are issued a certificate and given an opportunity to work for exporting SMEs in Seoul. They can also start a business as global marketing consultant, global business agent, global e-market consultant, or global business consultant.

    The agency plans to train a thousand global business experts in 2013 alone. Those who finish the course will be given an opportunity to accumulate experience as consultants for exporting businesses in Seoul by attending the following international events: International Beauty Expo in Malaysia; China Harbin International Economic and Trade Fair; CommunicAsia2013 in Singapore, and; S-Fair. They can also learn from trade experts. Interested? Please visit the SBA homepage and apply. You can follow your dreams all over the world if you have passion and thirst for challenge.