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Mayor's Hope Journal

  • Seoul: Fostering the Culture of Sharing
    [Mayor Park Won Soon’s Hope Journal 142]

  • Mayor's Hope Journal SMG 1413


    A while back, I vowed to make Seoul a sharing city.

    We are applying practical solutions to realize this declaration.

    There are plenty of things, space, and information to go around, but we are often left wondering when and where they can be shared.
    Seoul Metropolitan Government has designated organizations and companies that specialize in sharing to make their services available to the Seoulites.

    A total of 27 sharing organizations have been selected to stimulate sharing among the citizens. There are also three more tangible areas – knowledge, skill, and sharing – that have immediate influence on Seoul’s living conditions.

    One of these companies is Promise, a Christian building company.

    They utilize churches using their network, renting them for weddings, coffee shops, libraries, and parking lots.

    Church buildings are not busy during the week.

    Fair Space is a space consulting company that offers space for rent in homes, studios, and offices to the public.


    Kiple Co., Ltd., a company that runs an online portal where users can exchange children’s clothing and toys, was selected for the sharing of children’s apparel.

    Korea Car Sharing Co., Ltd., My Real Trip Co., Ltd., Open Closet, and Join Us Korea have also become part of this sharing project.

    As the platform for anyone who is interested and who wants to participate in sharing, the Seoul Sharing Hub will be run by Creative Commons Korea.

    The Seoul Sharing Hub will open in June this year. Private sharing companies and organizations will be listed on the portal. People will learn how they can participate in the movement, offer news on sharing in Korea and all over the world, and support communication between sharing communities and companies.


    Seoul Metropolitan Government will transform from a culture of possessing to a culture of sharing.
    On Thursday, the 18th, we will open the Sharing Economy Meeting to promote the sharing movement. We ask you to participate in Seoul’s new social experiment to build a city based on sharing.

    Thank you.