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  • Seoul Introduced as a Leading Smart City of the World
    [Mayor Park Won Soon’s Hope Journal 138]

  • Mayor's Hope Journal SMG 1191


    Here’s some good news the Technology Watch report published by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), a UN body, introduced Seoul as a leading Smart City.


    Said report introduced Seoul as one of the Smart Cities likely to become the most popular urban development models representing future cities within a decade.

    Established in 1865, ITU is a specialized UN agency responsible for issues concerning information and communication technologies.

    The 24-page February 2013 issue of the Technology Watch report of the ITU introduced the IT infrastructure of Seoul along with the open-type administrative services provided by the City under the theme of Smart Cities Seoul. It featured a case study along with 20-plus IT-related programs operated by Seoul City such as u-Seoul Net, Community Mapping (map-based system for raising issues), Open Governance 2.0, and u-Seoul Safety Service, including my contributed article.


    My article reads, “A smart city involves communication between people; it is characterized by sharing based on mutual trust. A smart city can only be realized by making constant advances in information technology, a new growth engine of the 21st century.”

    The full text of the aforesaid issue is posted in the ITU Homepage (http://www.itu.int/).

    One of my ambitions is to share the experience of operating a metropolis including the smart system introduced in the ITU Homepage with those in foreign countries.

    I will continue to strive to make Seoul a leading smart city where people enjoy the smart environment to their heart’s content through the provision of mobile-based, high-quality information communication service, expansion of free Wi-Fi service areas, encouragement of people’s positive participation, formation of basis for utilization of big data, etc.