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Mayor's Hope Journal

  • A Fantastic View to Share with Others
    [Mayor Park Won Soon’s Hope Journal 136]

  • Mayor's Hope Journal SMG 1669


    When I was inaugurated Mayor of Seoul, my office was in the Seoul City Hall Seosomun Annex was under construction.

    The office there commanded a nice view, overlooking Deoksugung Palace, British Embassy, The Anglican Church of Korea, and Inwangsan (Mountain) in the distance. All my troubles seemed so far away whenever I took in the spectacular view.

    When my office was relocated to the newly built Seoul City Hall, the thing that I missed the most was the view. I wanted to let people enjoy the view, too. Thus, we made a small lookout on the 13th floor of the Seosomun annex. How wonderful it will be to enjoy the beautiful sight of Deoksugung Palace throughout the year!

    Starting May 13, the outlook will be opened to the public. Lounge chairs and tables are provided to allow visitors to take a rest. Large windows were installed to help people enjoy the nice view better.

    Sections of the Seosomun annex have been opened to the public, but this is the first time a business section of the building is made accessible to the public.

    An elevator will operate between the lobby on the first floor and the outlook on the 13th floor, which will be open to the public from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM during weekends and public holidays. Two guides will help the visitors.

    Visitors will also enjoy photos of olden-day scenes of Jeong-dong, which used to be the country’s main stage of diplomacy and exchange with other countries in the 1900s, courtesy of the Seoul Museum of History. The photos include scenes of the buildings of Russian, American, and British legations, Chungdong First Methodist Church, Ewha Girls’ School, and Gyeongungung Palace (olden-day name of Deoksugung Palace).

    Please come and enjoy the newly discovered attraction of the city which has been the country’s capital for 600 years as well as the cozy atmosphere of the olden-day royal palace and Jeongdong-gil with its romantic atmosphere.