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  • We are Recruiting Neighborhood Childcare Volunteers
    [Mayor Park Won Soon’s Hope Journal 134]

  • Mayor's Hope Journal SMG 1268


    “We are recruiting neighborhood childcare volunteers”

    The neighborhood childcare volunteers being recruited by Seoul Metropolitan Government mean those who serve as counselors, helping mothers with childcare information such as location of nearby childcare centers, giving counseling concerning wayward children or toilet training, or giving information on nearby picnic destinations.

    They will also be assigned the duty of collecting information on those qualified to take care of children on behalf of working parents. If the results of the trial program are good, the scope will be expanded next year.

    Said program the first of its kind adopted by a local government is part of efforts to create jobs in the public sector.

    We saw an absolute need for such helpers considering the specific local childcare environment.

    We are planning to operate the neighborhood childcare volunteer system (1 person in 2 or three dong) on a trial basis in 17 autonomous districts. The volunteers will work chiefly at home, giving counseling to inexperienced mothers over the phone. They will also be required to collect useful information on kids’ café, toy rental stores, libraries, hospitals, and related Internet sites. This year, they will be asked to work for 8 months between May and December, 4 hours a day during weekdays. They will be paid a monthly wage of 560,000 won (inclusive of monthly premium for the four major insurance policies).

    Qualification: Seoulites aged 18 years or older and certified as baby nurse Grade 3 or higher, welfare worker Grade 2 or higher, or kindergarten teacher Grade 2 or higher

    For more details, go to the Seoul Metropolitan Government Homepage, homepage of each autonomous district office, or Seoul Metropolitan Government Childcare Portal Service site.

    The selected volunteers will start working after a week of training session and 40 hours of on-site practice.

    Recruitment period: April 10 ~ 24

    Your positive participation will help mothers a lot.