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Mayor's Hope Journal

  • Safer, More Convenient Roads in Seoul
    [Mayor Park Won Soon’s Hope Journal 133]

  • Mayor's Hope Journal SMG 1662


    We had unusually heavy snowfall last winter. Heavy rain or snow affects roads, causing potholes. In particular, potholes are dangerous. Potholes filled with water cause the latter to splash, with snow-covered potholes possibly causing an accident. Seoul Metropolitan Government has started a road overhaul project. All potholes will be filled, and uneven road surfaces will be repaired in the 263km-long dilapidated pavements including Eonju-ro and Olympic-ro.

    The durability of asphalt will be enhanced as well. Environment-friendly paving techniques will be adopted. Seoul Metropolitan Government has also organized a task force team to improve fundamental road surface conditions.

    The 136,472 manholes on roads, which used to be managed by autonomous districts, will be under the responsibility of Seoul Metropolitan Government. All of them will be checked and repaired. Differences between the manhole cover and the road surface have been cited as a cause of car accidents. The work of surveying the status of manholes will be assumed by those participating in Seoul New Deal Job Opportunity Program.

    We at Seoul Metropolitan Government will continue to manage road conditions meticulously based on the solid philosophy that roads are the face of a city and that people’s safety comes first. With this effort, roads in Seoul will be made safer and more convenient.