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  • What Would You Do If You Left Something in a Taxi?
    [Mayor Park Won Soon’s Hope Journal 131]

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    There are many forgetful people, and I am one of them. I have left stuff in taxis one time too many.
    Here’s how to retrieve the thing you left in a taxi.

    First of all, pay your taxi fare with credit card. With the payment record, the credit card company can help you locate the taxi you took.

    The receipt of the credit card payment contains the phone number of the taxi company.
    In the case of a company-owned taxi, call the company and tell them the taxi license plate number and the hour and date you took the taxi. They will tell you where your stuff is.

    If it’s an individually owned taxi, it’s easier. The credit card receipt you got contains the taxi driver’s cell phone number.
    If you did not get a receipt, please call the Seoul Call Center, Dasan 120 (120).

    If you know the taxi license number, the Center will check and tell you the phone number. If not, they will tell you whether your stuff is kept in the Lost and Found.
    If you used your credit card to obtain the approval of the credit card company before a taxi’s departure, the record will also help you locate the taxi.

    The foregoing also applies to a call taxi.
    In 2012, the number of cases of people leaving something in a taxi reached 1,255; at least 64.4% retrieved their stuff.
    Cell phones and laptop computers (759 cases or 60%) topped the list of things people leave in a taxi, followed by purses (183 cases) and bags (99 cases).

    We know everything you own is valuable. Please try the aforesaid method and take delight in getting your stuff back.