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Mayor's Hope Journal

  • Creating More Jobs for Seoulites
    [Mayor Park Won Soon’s Hope Journal 130]

  • Mayor's Hope Journal SMG 1286

    Village book café librarian, international marriage immigrant and tourist interpreter, backpacker’s hostel manager…

    Never heard of such jobs, you say? You are right.

    Seoul Metropolitan Government will begin its Civilian Employment Bridge Project to find people who will take up these new professions and to train skilled shoemakers, jewelry designers, and craftsmen. The project will offer support in job training, startup business educational courses, and employment incentives so that these people become skilled workers in their field.


    In other words, the Seoul Metropolitan Government has prepared an entry route to twenty-six potentially stable job fields.

    Not only does the project connect job seekers with a good job; it also investigates the market demand to recruit, educate, and train potential employees.

    What sets this program apart from any employment agency is that it offers employer-centered education and 3~ 6-month-long training course that molds them into professionals.

    Seoul Metropolitan Government forecasts that the Seoul Job Creation Project will create 3,844 new jobs such as village book café manager, jewelry designer, custom shoemaker, MICE professional, and other jobs for job seekers in their twenties.