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Mayor's Hope Journal2

  • Transforming Seoul into a Bicycle-friendly City
    [Mayor Park Won Soon’s Hope Journal 125]

  • Mayor's Hope Journal2 SMG 1355


    Turning Seoul into a bicycle-friendly city is not just a personal wish of mine; I am sure the seoulites feel the same.
    We tried different policies to introduce more bicycles to the streets, but we had our limits.
    Seoul Metropolitan Government is consulting specialists from various fields on effective policies and the master plan will be out very soon.

    Remember, change does not happen overnight. I believe starting with small but effective changes is most practical.

    Yesterday, a Bundang citizen approached me with an improvement plan for bicycle roads around Tancheon (Stream) during the Saturday Date with the Mayor.

    There was a blockage between the 250-meter sector between Sanggye-dong, Nowon-gu and Uijeongbu boarder from Hangang (River) and Jungnangcheon (Stream) and the 1,900-meter sector between Songjeonggyo (Bridge) and Salgojidari (Bridge). That will be fixed.

    Seoul Metropolitan Government will support the autonomous districts in connecting the bicycle paths. The budget is KRW 3.05 billion. The blueprint will be completed early this year, and the roads will be ready for the public by April 12. Some damaged areas will be repaired as part of the project.
    Once the bicycle path is all set and connected around Jungnangcheon (Stream), the seoulites will be able to enjoy a safe, pleasant bicycle ride in their neighborhood.

    There will be more bicycle roads along Junnangcheon (Stream) and all around Hangang (River). It will become easier to travel on bicycles in and out of the downtown area, too. The bicycle rental system will be further improved until Seoul becomes a truly bicycle-friendly city.

    The change is taking place, slowly but surely. So, do look forward to a better Seoul Metropolitan Government. Thank you.