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Mayor's Hope Journal2

  • Speaking Out for Those in Need! Increasing Social Enterprise Sales and Improving Contract Policies
    [Mayor Park Won Soon’s Hope Journal 124]

  • Mayor's Hope Journal2 SMG 1234


    In the morning of April 2, an open policy discussion on improving social enterprise sales and contracts was held at Seoul City Hall’s auditorium.
    Association members, representatives of Seoul Metropolitan Government affiliated corporations, autonomous district officials, and contractors came to the event despite the spring shower.

    Many opinions were exchanged as to what the Seoul Metropolitan government can do to abolish the old superior-subordinate relationship betweeen the ordering bodies and contractors.

    Let’s see what they had to say!


    “Seoul Metropolitan Government’s standards do not meet those of the Public Procurement Service. The goal of purchase has to be subdivided so that a greater number of smaller startup companies get the chance to participate in the public market.”

    “Most public companies prefer turnkey contracts. Such contracts eliminate opportunities for smaller companies to advance in the market. Most orders go to the conglomerates, where they are again distributed among subcontractors. There is no chance for manufacturers and producers such as myself. Turnkey contracts must have a set quota for social enterprises.”

    “The biggest problem is the unreasonable deduction of construction budgets. There are three requests I find myself repeating over and over. First, the structure has to be open for modifications. Second, the emergency support system has to be improved. Last, when the structure is changed, the budget has to be updated accordingly.”

    “We women’s corporations get absolutely no benefits. I would like to take this opportunity to plead to the mayor. Please formulate policies that support women’s companies. We’ve been through so much heartbreak as it is.”

    “Because the contract is limited to a year, we never get the chance to accumulate professional skills. Moreover, we are unable to give pension to staff who joined in the middle of the contract. We often take the blame for this oversight; my company and many others are unable to pay it the attention it deserves. Exceptional companies should be able to extend the one-year contract. I am sure you agree with our point, since your term is relatively short.”

    “Building stone prices have remained the same for the past 20 years. Its appropriate unit price has not been applied to the MAS (Multiple Awarded Schedule) introduced in 2008. Autonomous states and major institutes must seek advice and change policies to reflect the reality. Small and medium companies and commercial entities must deliver public supply to avoid loss. Only then will they be able to fulfill their social responsibility.”


    We will do our best to establish a reasonable, equal relationship.

    The last remark on the 20-year-old unit prices tells us just how unresponsive our public purchase reforms have been.”

    “We will try to reflect your opinion on our future projects. Some things cannot be solved with our efforts alone. Some require the amendment of local contract laws or central government guidelines. I am sure Seoul Metropolitan Government can push through with the changes as long as we are assertive. I will see to it that we cooperate with local contract societies to bring about visible changes to government institutes and corporate contracts with private companies.”

    “When I posted today’s topic on my Facebook page, some people were concerned that they may upset the wrong people by speaking up. I am certain that there are things that many of you have held back. Some things are difficult to say in public.”
    “So how about this we can make a site that allows people to post their grievances in private so that only I can see them. That way, they will be able to protect their identity and say whatever they want. I know there are many people who didn’t make it here today.”

    “The relationship between a company and its contractor should be equal and reasonable. That is the only way it could benefit the people. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts today. We will try our best to reflect what we heard today. Thank you for coming.”