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Mayor's Hope Journal

  • Meet the Photographer of Hope
    [Mayor Park Won Soon’s Hope Journal 122]

  • Mayor's Hope Journal SMG 1495

    I had the pleasure of attending multiple celebrations today.
    There were 16 things to do on my list, but the one event I looked forward to the most was the opening ceremony of Hope Photo Studio at Gwanghwamun Gate.
    Two former homeless people finally graduated from renowned photographer Jo Se-hyun’s Frame Photography School of Hope to become in-house photographers of mobile photograph studio Seoul Hope Photo Studio.

    They may have had hard times, having to live on the streets, yet they became legitimate photographers because they never gave up. For that, I would like to salute them.

    Seoul Metropolitan Government is planning to build more photo studios in tourist areas such as the Children’s Grand Park and Seoul Grand Park and hire homeless people-turned-photographers to work. Guests can have their pictures taken at the studio and framed in no time for KRW 2,000 each. If you go to Gwanghwamun Gate, visit the studio to show your support.

    Thank you.
    (Here, you can see me having my picture taken as their opening guest.)


    Image source: Lee Dong-hui from Kukmin Ilbo