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Mayor's Hope Journal

  • Seoul, a city covered with flowers
    [Mayor Park Won Soon’s Hope Journal 121]

  • Mayor's Hope Journal SMG 1509

    Seoul City has declared war against concretes. Beginning this spring, we will carry out a campaign aimed at making Seoul a city covered with green areas, trees, and beautiful flowers. Such efforts will be continued all-year round.

    We designated the period March 20 ~ April 20 as Arbor Month. During the one-month period, a wide variety of activities will be carried out in Seoul. For one, owners of single-family houses will be encouraged to form Flowerbeds in available spaces and hang flower pots in planters, pots, and window boxes. We will heed experts’ advice for the neighborhood-greening campaign. Storeowners will also be encouraged to take part in the campaign to beautify even commercial districts.

    “A neighborhood filled with flowers” will be formed in ten places known as major visitor destinations, such as those in Samcheongdong-gil and Daehangno. We will launch a campaign to grow flowers native to this country in Bukchon Hanok Village in cooperation with the Korea Florist Association. Such effort will also contribute to the invigoration of nearby commercial districts. Flower beds will be made in all possible spaces, including rooftops and spaces where school walls used to stand. Pedestrian roads filled with flowers will surely make all passersby happy. Students going to school using such road will be able to start the day happily. We will work together with the Environmental Landscaping Development Foundation to make rose-decorated arch entrances to villages and turn into green areas those small neighborhood corner areas left idle. Local residents will also be encouraged to take part in the campaign to take care of trees planted on street-side green strips by “adopting” trees.

    You can plant a virtual tree using a virtual tree growing game in a smart phone or a web game. This method is used to have trees planted using the money laid aside in the ad account associated with the use of fertilizer or water pump bearing corporate logos. You can download the details by running Tree Planet in your smart phone.

    The gray-colored concrete bridge piers, pedestrian overpasses, and tunnel entrances and exits that add to the dreary urban atmosphere will be painted green. We will plant flowers in the areas from which railroad tracks were removed, including the Gongdeok Station-Munsan section and the Mangu Station-Chuncheon section, aboveground subway sections, and streamside areas along Hangang (River) and Anyangcheon (Stream). Seoul City will give prizes to neighborhoods and organizations that set an example for others to follow in the voluntary campaign to grow flowers.

    Every year, the British engage in the Britain in Bloom campaign wherein a total of 2,100 communities throughout the country take part in the campaign to fill the entire country with beautiful flowers. Why can’t we Seoulites do the same?