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Mayor's Hope Journal2

  • KakaoTalk is a prevalent trend even among Seoul City officials.
    [Mayor Park Won Soon’s Hope Journal 108]

  • Mayor's Hope Journal2 SMG 1331

    Information technology is dominating the scene everywhere. It has even changed the way Seoul City officials communicate with each other. The following dialogues were exchanged between Seoul City officials this morning via KakaoTalk.

    Vice Mayor: “Last night, I saw the TV news on forest fire-stricken areas across the country. Strong wind appears to make matters worse. In Seoul, the Urban Safety Office and the 25 district offices should remain on the alert, including warnings to mountain climbers.”

    Director of Fire&Disaster Headquarters: “We are checking our firefighting equipment. Our personnel are making regular patrols to prevent forest fires. We are ready for prompt collaboration with the Korea Forestry Service and the district offices in the event of a forest fire.”

    Director-General of Green Seoul: “Officials of the Nature & Ecology Division stay in the office until 9:00pm. Those of the Parks & Landscape Division are also ready until 9:00pm at district offices. After that time, the whole situation is controlled by the officer on night duty. We will check the emergency alert system again.”

    Chief of the Urban Safety Office: “We are automatically on fire alert at this time every year. Forest fire alerts are issued with the melting of winter ice and snow.”

    Vice Mayor: “Isn’t it necessary for the Green Seoul Bureau to put the district offices on fire alert? Last year, there was a forest fire for which arson was suspected, right?”

    Director General of Green Seoul Bureau: “I ordered all personnel concerned at the district offices to stay on the alert this morning. I’ll double check their status, including the members of the Nature & Ecology Division at the City Hall and its affiliated offices.”

    Seoul is surrounded by four inner mountains and four outer mountains. That means that Seoul City officials should remain on the alert in spring in case of fire. It’s good to know that those in charge are doing their best to prevent forest fires. Let’s take every possible precaution against fire.

    A forest fire drill scene