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  • A Comparison of Gimjang Costs for Seoul
    [Mayor Park Won Soon’s Hope Diary 556]

  • Mayor's Hope Journal SMG 2322

    Where can you get the ingredients for kimchi at the cheapest prices?

    The Seoul Agro-Fisheries & Food Corporation surveyed the prices of the ingredients for kimchi, prior to the peak gimjang season, to help our citizens plan their household expenses. They surveyed the major traditional markets and large-scale supermarkets and compared the prices of ingredients for kimchi for a four-person household. The costs for a total of 13 major and supplementary ingredients were researched, and the results showed that it was about 15.9% cheaper to buy the ingredients at traditional markets, with a cost of KRW 176,950 compared to KRW 210,390 at large-scale supermarkets.

    Most of the surveyed ingredients were cheaper at traditional markets compared to large-scale supermarkets. Particularly, chives and sun-dried salt were over 50% cheaper, and bundles of radish, peeled garlic, leek, ginger, pickled shrimp, and fermented anchovy sauce were over 20% cheaper at traditional markets.

    At large-scale supermarkets, chives were sold in small bundles of less than 400g, but they were sold in large bundles of over 1kg in traditional markets. Also, large-scale supermarkets sold sun–dried salt in small packs of 3-5kg, while at traditional markets, you could find 10-20kg packs of sun-dried salt, creating a big difference in price.

    The Seoul Agro-Fisheries & Food Corporation plans to conduct a similar survey three times in November (Nov 10, 17, and 24), when the prices of kimchi ingredients are likely to change the most. The information about the price index and auction costs of the major high-demand ingredients are available on their website (www.garak.co.kr) until December 5 (Fri). So please take a look.