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Mayor's Hope Journal

  • Come and visit the Seoul Citizens’ Hall!
    [Mayor Park Won Soon’s Administrative Journal 73]

  • Mayor's Hope Journal SMG 1155

    Press tour of Seoul Seoul Citizens’ Hall

    City Hall? How about a Seoul Citizens’ Hall? Seoul Seoul Citizens’ Hall, owned by the people of Seoul, will be moving into Seoul’s new City Hall. The first and second basements have been renovated into a 7,842㎡ Seoul Citizens’ Hall, which will open on Saturday, 12th.

    The opening ceremony will start by hanging a large signboard in the shape of an ear, printed with the words “Listening to Each Other.” The space was initially intended as a promotional area for Seoul City, but I wanted it to be a place where Seoul citizens could come together for public events and celebrations. I am sure it will be as popular as Seoul Library.

    The Seoul Citizens’ Hall is called Simincheong in Korean, a composite word which derives from the words simin, meaning “citizens,” and cheong(聽), meaning “to listen.” The Seoul Citizens’ Hall was designed as a two-way communication channel and a place of assembly for the public. I will be conducting a guided tour of the office, which will be broadcast live on Seoul Mayor’s Story, Live Seoul, Wonsoon TV, Ustream, Daum TV Pot, Youtube, and Africa TV on the day of its opening.

    Interior of the Wedding Hall at the Seoul Citizens’ Hall

    With the opening of the Seoul Citizens’ Hall in Seoul City Hall, the triad formed by the Seoul Citizens’ Hall, Seoul Library, and Sky Plaza is now complete. The library and Seoul Citizens’ Hall are connected at the 2nd basement floor, which comprises the Circle Room for seminars and an event hall for performances, engagements, and other ceremonies. The Seoul Citizens’ Hall has a grand hall, Taepyeong Hall, which is an exact replica of the event hall located in the former city hall. It will be used to air city policies in public as well as to hold seminars, weddings and other special events. The walls of the hall can be modified depending on the event requirements.

    The Citizens Speak Up was once held at Cheonggyecheon(Stream) but will now be a permanent post on the 1st floor basement of the Seoul Citizens’ Hall. The Citizen’s Voice will be held for one hour between 13:00 to 14:00 to celebrate its first anniversary on the day of the opening ceremony. Citizens can also air their opinions on the internet. The first couple to get married at Taepyeong Hall, Gwon Jun-myeong and Seo Hyeon-jin, will have their ceremony at 12:00 on the day of the opening. These lucky soon-to-be married citizens are the lucky winners of a selection contest held last November. You too, can get married at the Seoul Citizens’ Hall. I would love to be the officiant, but it is forbidden under the election laws.

    We will also be showcasing video media merged with IT at the Seoul Citizens’ Hall. Forty-five monitors have been installed on the ceiling and another 66 on the walls of the 1st story basement to show films on relevant and entertaining themes. Various exhibitions will also be held from January to March. The Floating Cloud Gallery will exhibit videos of smiling citizens under the theme of “Smile – Seoul Flower.” The media wall will display a video featuring citizens participating in a video called A Single Person’s Power to Change the World. Families can also come to have their pictures taken free of charge by a professional photographer at the opening ceremony.

    Danuri, a store in the 1st story basement, will sell and market products made by social enterprises, small businesses, and startup companies. There is also a souvenir store that sells featured artists’ work, design tag items, and other unique products. The bookstore located in the lobby next to the passage to the 1st story basement is the ideal place to browse and purchase books on Seoul. The Fair Trade Earth Village store is also located in the building.

    The reception desk at the entrance of the building will be staffed by four people fluent in English, Chinese and Japanese to assist foreign visitors looking for information on tourist hotspots and other information about Seoul. Visitors will also be able to leave their bags for safekeeping here. Citizens are free to come and look around the new City Hall building and the Seoul Citizens’ Hall. It will take all day to take it in! Why not come and see for yourself?