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  • Mayor Park Won Soon Welcomes 2013 with Residents at Mongchontoseong Mud Rampart

  • Mayor's News SMG 1830

    On 1st January 2013, Mayor Park Won Soon celebrated the new year with about 10,000 residents at the Olympic Park Mongchongtoseong Mud Rampart.

    Mayor Park, along with the residents, let off lanterns written with their wishes for the new year and performed the New Year’s Bow along with hitting large drums 13 times to welcome the New Year.

    On this day, coinciding with the 8.05am sunrise at Songpa-gu, Mayor Park enjoyed performances celebrating the dawn of a new year along with residents.

    Subsequently, at 10.10am, Executive Council of Seoul City, representatives from investment agencies and the Head of autonomous district paid their respects at the Seoul National Cemetery Memorial.